World of Warplanes

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World of Warplanes is a MMO game developed by The game is set in the historic setting surrounding World War II. The game uses a free to play business model but it gives players the opportunity to pay a small fee and advance at an accelerated rate. In navigations and menus, the game is very similar to’s  previous title World of Tanks. The company is planning  to connect all of of the company’s titles under one online ecosystem and community.

The game is mainly focused on Player vs. Player battle, unlike WoT it offers a PvE mode for new players to test out their skills and equipment. Although the PvE mode sounds great, it’s just a 2v2 mode with you pretty much just flying around and shooting down 2 idle players.  The game also offers a “training mode” which is the basic tutorial you have to complete when you first start the game.

world of warplanes

Graphics and Physics

The game has great graphics mainly because of the detailed warplanes, terrain  and even explosions. The great visual effects help players feel as though they’re really flying a fighter in a real war. The game has just enough physics to make it feel real and natural while not making it too complicated and annoying.

Familiar Lobby System

As mentioned earlier, the game has a very similar menu and lobby system to World of Tanks, which is a good thing since it’s quite easy to learn for new players and players that have played Wargaming’s previous title are already familiar with it. Like in WoT, to get started with the fighting, you can just hit the big red “Battle” button which places the you into a random team and get’s the  fighting started. Players will also have the opportunity to select the  “create a flight” option, which let’s you invite your friends so you can play together. The battles are usually short, 5-10 minutes and they require a mix of tactics, reflexes, teamwork and overall skill. In my experience, one of the greatest things about the game is that when you click the “battle” button, you’re taken into a fight with the same tier players almost immediately, which means that you hardly ever have to wait for a battle to start.

world of warplanes hangar


The game currently offers 60 historically accurate warplanes from United States, the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan with more planned for the future. The planes are from the 1930’s – 1950’s era.  The game allows players to choose from three basic “classes” of vehicles: the Fighters, which are most effective in a dogfight, Heavy Fighters, which hold more powerful weapons and armor, and Ground-Attack Aircraft, which is mainly used to hunt ground targets.

Players start off with 4 basic warplanes to choose from (1 from each nation). New aircraft can be acquired by researching new items and then purchasing them. Each warplane has some additional researchable gear like bigger guns, better engines and stronger hull. Most planes can be bought and researched with credits that are gained through battle, but there are some “premium warplanes” which cost real money.

world of warplanes tech tree


The basics of the game are quite simple to learn, there are only a couple of necessary controls that you have to know about to do well. You can move your warplane with the mouse, shoot with the left click, use a booster with W, and slow down with the S key. Although the controls are easy to remember and comfortable, the game can still get quite complex due to the necessity of tactics and teamwork. Tactics include the use of the games physics engine.


All in all, World of Warplanes is a great sequel to World of Tanks. It’s an easy game to learn for beginners and it’s the perfect place to show off your tactical ingenuit, if you’re a hardcore tactical game grinder. The game offers a good variety of warplanes and requires almost no down time between matches.  The game has great graphics and the physics makes it feel natural to play. I would recommend everyone to try this game out, although everyone won’t love it, it can surely surprise many who think the game isn’t for them.