World of Tanks

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World of Tanks is a MMO game developed by, the game was first released  in Russia on October 30, 2010 and 6 months later for the Europe and American region. The game uses a free to play business model but it gives players the opportunity to pay a small fee and advance at an accelerated rate.

The game is focused on player versus player battle and unfortunately it doesn’t offer any kind of PvE. The game is very fun to play. It has familiar WASD movement and the right amount of physics makes the game feel very natural and fun. World of Tanks is easy to learn but hard to master.


The game lacks an open world so players have to use different menus and lobbies to navigate in the game. Players can hit the big red “BATTLE” button, get placed in to a random team and get started with the fighting. Everyone will also have the opportunity to play with a tank company (with guild) or a platoon (with friends). The battles are usually short, 5-10 minutes and they require a mix tactics, reflexes, teamwork and overall skill. The battles are usually quite large with about 14 players on each team, however, the game can support up to 30 vs. 30 battles.

When you start the game, it’s very easy to die. There are 2 main reasons for dying, the lack of experience and the lack of good equipment. When you die, you must wait for the battle to end, before you can use the same tank again, however if you’re sick of waiting, you can join a different battle in a different tank. It’s also important to remember to replenish your ammo and armor after each battle.


World of Tanks uses historically accurate tanks equipment and environment. Most of the tanks are from the World War II era, but some are from the 1930’s and some are even from the 1950’s. The game currently offers more than 280 different tanks that are set in 10 different tiers. When you first start the game, you will be given a few tier 1 training tanks that can be used to gain some experience and credits in order to buy a better tank. With the experienced gained in battles, players can upgrade weapons, gear, crew, etc. All tanks are fully customizable so you can choose all the parts from the engine to the turrets and ammo.

New tanks and equipment can also be bought with gold (real money). There are 4 different types of crew members: Commander, Loader, Radio Operator and Driver. When a crew member gains a level, they get better at what they do. Commander is responsible for accuracy, Loader is responsible for the cooldowns between shots, Radio Operator is responsible for highlighting enemies on the minimap and the Driver is responsible  for movement speed.


Among other things, the game offers more than 30 different maps and 3 different game modes: Standard Battle, Assault and Encounter Battle.  In Standard Battle, each team has a base on one side of the map. In order to win, a team needs to capture the enemies base or destroy all enemy vehicles before the time limit of 15 minutes is up. The Assault mode only one team has its own base. That teams mission is to defend their base  for the duration of the battle or to destroy all enemies before the time limit of 10 minutes is up. The Encounter Battle includes a single neutral base on the map. The goal in Encounter Battle is to capture the neutral base or destroy all enemies before the time limit of 15 minutes is up. If the time runs out before one of the teams has completed their objectives, the game will result in a draw in both Standard Battle and Encounter Battle.

All in all I would recommend World of Tanks to everyone. The game is built so that the basics are very easy to learn and you’ll have fun learning them. However the game is also perfect for the advanced players who like a challenge. The gameplay can get very complex and tactical in the higher skill groups. There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t try it!