Wizardry Online (closed)

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A new game for hardcore gamers who are not afraid of features such as open PvP and permanent death.
Although it sounds really scary, it’s not as bad as you may think.
Once you die you can make offerings of gold and items to increase the chance of successful resurrection, if you get unlucky and fail, you have a second chance of doing the same before losing your character permanently. If you are killed by another player you are able to set a bounty on his head making your revenge a lot easier. If the person next to you gets killed and you plan on stealing his items, you should know that’s a criminal act also. A criminal has no place in public locations because town guards and surely other players will be hunting for him. Once captured, his whole account will be sent to jail leaving him with only one option to get back out right away: escape.
A jail break is also a crime, making the escapee an outlaw all over again. So think twice before taking the path of a criminal.
There are no restrictions on where you can commit crimes and at one point you will notice your attacks will even hurt members of your party.

Most of your time in game will probably be spent at dungeons which include puzzles, traps, treasure chests, monsters and outlaws who can’t wait to kill you. It’s said that dungeons are not instanced and are part of the open world. A lot of the items that you may found in the dungeons need to be identified unless you want to equip items with possible negative effects in a game with permanent death.

There are four classes: Warrior, Thief, Priest, and Mage and also a feature called multiclass which enables you to take some of the skills from your current class to add to your next class of choice. Wizardry currently enables you to choose from 4 races: Human, Elf, Dwarf and Porkul.

Despite what people say I still think visuals are good, but the video settings panel is rather modest, possibly making the game unplayable for many of those who are trying out Wizardry Online.
The story is OK, but some sort of voice acting for cut scenes would make them a lot more interesting than they currently are.