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Wizard101 is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment. The game follows your characters story, as you start your journey as a young wizard joining the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. The game starts of on an ominous tone, as the student comes face-to-face with the main villain, on his arrival to the school.

As you play the game, you can’t help but notice that this game is mainly targeted for children. That doesn’t mean the grownup’s shouldn’t play this game though. I find the Wizard101 world a happy and relaxing  place. The game universe reminds us of Harry Potter, but that’s mainly because they both take place in a universe where magic exists. However, many of the professors that teach at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts are based on characters from Harry Potter.

A good thing about this game is that the gameplay is quest driven. In addition to that, all the quests are voice acted. Another feature of this game would be it’s unique battle system- the battle is turn-based, everyone in the fight has to select a card to play and when everyone’s chosen, the animations start. There are two downside to this battle system though, one would be that anyone can join your battle at any time. Usually this shouldn’t be very annoying but when you’re low on HP and you are just about to defeat a monster- the new guy would be bringing in another monster with him and probably end up being responsible for your death. Another annoying thing about the battle system is that you have to wait for other players to finish their card selection before the animations can begin, so if you’re a veteran in the game, it can get really annoying. Also the battle system is a bit too repetitive for my taste.

Also a feature in the game are the mini games, you can play them when your’e in town. However I don’t like how they try to force you to play the mini games. Likewise a “feature” in this game is the restrictive chat. The chat’s kind of funny because whenever you write a word wrong or miss a letter (or use a word that’s not in their dictionary) it automatically produces “…” instead of the word you were trying to type.

All in all, I found this to be a very fun game to play. I wouldn’t recommend this game for the hard-core gamer’s among us though. This game is perfect for the people who are looking for a casual game where they can just pop-in and pop-out as they please.




The Elemental schools are Fire, Ice and Storm. They were created by the rulers of the Days Before, Dragons, Ice Giants, and Tritons.


Fire is the opposite school of Ice. The Professor is Madame Dalia Falmea, a woman with floating red hair. Fire is notable for having strong Damage-over-Time spells, which are good for getting through enemy shields. Like storm, its weakness is low health and accuracy.


Ice is the opposite school of Fire. The Professor is Lydia Greyrose, a fairy. Ice is notable for having the highest base health of any school, and for its high level of defense. Its weakness is being unable to do high amounts of damage.


Storm is the opposite school of Myth. The Professor is Halston Balestrom, a frog. Storm is notable for its spells having the highest power.Storm’s weakness is low health and accuracy.


The Spirit Schools are Life, Death, and Myth. They come from the body, spirit, and mind of the wizard.


Life is the opposite of Death. The Professor is Moolinda Wu, a cow from MooShu. Life specializes in healing, both themselves and allies. Their attack spells have the highest accuracy and lowest power.


Death is the opposite of Life. The Professor was Malistaire, but his assistant Dworgyn took over after he left. Death specializes in lifestealing (attacks that heal the user by 50% of the damage dealt).


Myth is the opposite of Storm. The Professor is Cyrus Drake, Malistaire’s brother. Myth specializes in summoning and powering up minions.


Balance is the combination of all other magics, illustrated by moves such as Hydra (damage from each elemental school) and Chimera (damage from each spirit school). It is notable for changing the rules of battles.


Astral spells can only be learned as secondary spells once the player has reached level 50 and reached Celestia.


The Star school is made up of Auras that affect one wizard for four or six continuous rounds. Auras include bonuses such as additional outgoing damage, or additional resistance to incoming damage.


The Moon school is all about Polymorphs, or Transformations, that affect nearly all of a wizard’s attributes for 6 rounds. The wizard is transformed into a creature based on various enemy types, such as Draconian, Gobbler, etc.


The Sun school consists of Mutations and Enchantments. Mutations change the school and power of a spell, and enchanting a card can increase its accuracy or damage.