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WAKFU is not very well known, but it is probably one of the best MMORPGs out there. There is so much to this game that I’d like to share with you, so I’d better get started.

If you’ve ever tried out DOFUS, you will find many similarities between these two games, and with good reason—WAKFU is the new MMORPG by Ankama, the company behind DOFUS.

WAKFU takes place in the World of Twelve, a beautiful world divided into 4 nations: Bonta, Sufokia, Brakmar, and Amakna, as well as many islands that these nations can conquer. Each nation has a different theme and types of monsters. You are allowed to visit other nations, but if your nation is currently at war with the nation you plan to visit, you might want to postpone your adventure for a while.

There is a lot to learn in this game, and one of these things is the operation of the ecosystem. Players must keep the ecosystem balanced, i.e., if they kill too many monsters of the same species, that species will become extinct, unless it’s reproduced. The same goes for flowers, trees, etc. However, if someone has planted too many trees, for instance, players will be rewarded Citizenship Points for chopping them down, and penalized for planting new ones.

(I should warn you that if you fall below -50 Citizenship Points, you will become an outlaw. This means that the guards and soldiers, along with any player so inclined, will be hunting for you, and, once defeated, you end up in jail.)

There are 14 unique classes to pick from, so everyone should find at least one that piques their interest. Players are not limited to any number of professions—everyone can level all of the 6 harvesting professions available: the farmer, herbalist, lumberjack, trapper, fisherman, and miner. The same goes for the crafting professions: the baker, chef, armorer, jeweler, leather dealer, handyman, and different types of weapons masters.

WAKFU employs turn-based tactical combat, but don’t forget to gear up, because unfortunately, your equipment might end up being more important than your tactics.