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Tera (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) was one of those hyped up games before launch, but could not survive as a subscription game for very long and was forced to switch to the free-to-play business model only a year later. However F2P has been a great success for Tera with more than 500 000 new players.
The game has guild battles, mounts, auction house, open world PvP, politics and a lot more!

Game World

The game world is enormous and full of beautiful landscapes with what other MMO’s can’t compete with. The publishers claim that the world is seamless (meaning there are no loading screens), sadly I don’t agree with them.
While there is no loading bar, you still experience a “warp gate animation” when flying from one city to another, which is pretty much a loading screen without a loading bar.

tera gate animation


Players higher than level 50 will be able to run for vanarch. Vanarchs are able to collect taxes from vendors and run a province on behalf of Valkyon Federation. 


If you’re tired of all the tab-targeting games then Tera is ready to give you a different experience. Even though the combat is really nothing close to what C9 has to offer, it requires some skill to aim your attacks and you must remember that this game is a persistent world MMORPG which makes this combat system one of the best.
There are big ass monsters (BAMs) all around the world, which are basically elite monsters in Tera. Those monsters are tough and often require a party to beat.

Player versus player battlegrounds are not available until you hit the level cap which currently is 60. However if you pick a PvP server, you will be able to battle with anyone outside the safe zones. The thing I don’t like about PvP in Tera is that there is almost no chance for a level 24 to beat a level 28 for example.
The only real fair fights you will encounter are going to be with someone who is the same level as you.


If 20 minutes is how long I have to wait for the lowest level dungeon at 2PM on a Saturday, it makes me kind of worried what will happen at higher levels.
Healers and tanks get into instances a lot faster, so if you don’t enjoy waiting all day just pick one of those roles.

tera instance matching

Races & Classes

You are able to pick from 7 races: HumansCastanicsHigh ElvesBarakaAmanPopori and Elin. Each of those comes with a special racial perk, for example High Elves have the ability to instantly refill their MP once every 2 hours. I suggest you pick whichever race you like the most, because the racial perks aren’t all that important.

There are eight unique classes to pick from: ArcherWarriorBerserkerSorcererPriestMysticSlayer and Lancer.
The developers have tried to be unique by making the main tank class use a shield and a lance, which in my opinion doesn’t make much sense. I don’t think you can poke someone to death with a lance just by standing still and why would you use a lance for swing attacks?
The sorcerer class uses an ugly magical weapon called “disc”, which possibly makes them jealous of priests who are able to use staffs or mystics who at least have wands.


  • Plants – needed for tailoring and alchemy
  • Ores –  required for armorsmithing, weaponsmithing and alchemy
  • Hides –  dropped by monsters and used for leatherworking
  • Essences –  required for alchemy and focus craft


  • Armorsmithing – creating Heavy armor Hauberks, Gauntlets and Greaves.
  • Leatherworking – allows to create Cuirasses, Gloves and Boots
  • Tailoring – allows to create Robes, Sleeves and Boots for magic classes
  • Weaponsmithing – allows to create Twin Swords, Lancers, Greatswords, and Axes
  • Focus Craft – used to craft Bows, Staves, Discs and Scepters for ranged classes
  • Alchemy – creates Potions and Scrolls for all classes