Prime World

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Prime World is a MOBA (and a castle building game) that takes place in a world where the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia are set in a never-ending battle to control a mysterious substance called Prime. The people of The Dokht Imperium are lovers of science and masters of engineering while the Keepers of Adornia are nature’s caretakers and keepers of mythology. Among the things that you’d expect from a MOBA, Prime World offers many unique features that distinguishes it from other games of the same genre.

The game offers a great mixture of MOBA and RTS. Like in most other MOBAs, you can choose to play alone or with friends. The game also includes a Training mode, where you can test out your skills and new heroes versus bots. Even thought the game offers 2 factions, the heroes are basically the same (with different names and different skins).

Prime World Building

When asked what makes Prime World different from all of the other MOBAs, the first thing that will pop up in most people’s heads is the castle building. Unlike every other MOBA out there, Prime World doesn’t use a lobby system. Instead of lobbies, you can spend your time in your own castle. The castle isn’t only for show though, you can do many useful things there. Castle building will come very naturally to anyone who has ever played any RTS games. In the upright corner you have your resources: Gold (which is the real money currency), Silver, Food, Lumber, Ore and Prime Crystals. You can spend your resources to build various things. The buildings are divided into 6 different sections: For Heroes, Resource Gathering, Production, Residence, Service, Decoration. Resources can be gathered from battle and from the resource gathering buildings.

Another unique feature in Prime World is the Talent system. Instead of buying items during the match like in a regular MOBA, you have Talents that you can customize between the battles. The heroes active skills are included in the 6 tiers of the Talent tree. All talents can be replaced. The game offers a great selection of talents so everyone can shape their hero however they want. New talents can be gained by winning battles or by creating them in a special building. At level 10, players will be able to upgrade their talents. Talents can be upgraded by sacrificing other talents you don’t need anymore.

Prime World Talents

The game also offers a different in-game progression. During the game instead of gaining money and experience while killing soldiers and enemy heroes, you gain prime (Experience). You can spend prime to unlock talents. Each time you unlock a talent you gain a level. Lower Tier talents cost less prime to unlock, so the prime system offers a new tactical opportunity that’s very different from other MOBAs. In addition, after the end of the battle, the hero you were playing as gets experience based on your performance. When the hero levels up you will get mastery points to increase the stats of that Hero. This is permanent and does not reset each time a new game starts.

Although many things have been changed, the basic MOBA game mechanics have remained the same. The most common map, “borderlands” has 3 lanes with soldiers running to the middle to defend their towers and attack the enemies. Similarly to other MOBAs, the game also has monster camps in the wildernesses between the lanes.

Among all the great features, the game has some.. weird features. Among those features is the “gender bonus” feature. The game has some items that work only on the opposite sex, for example, there’s an item called “Hero’s Charm”. What the item does is that, if the health of a nearby allied hero of the opposite sex drops below 20%, they’ll receive a protective shield for 5 seconds. Another odd feature is the Mini-game that players can play while on the battleground, fighting other players. Completing the mini-game grants some prime and a reward scroll. Many would argue that the mini-game is completely useless, but in my opinion, it adds a nice element to the game, that can change the outcome of a battle.

Prime World Minigame

All-in-all, Prime World is a great game that offers something new for everyone. Although it is clear that the game was designed to be very beginner friendly, hardcore MOBA fans won’t be disappointed. The game stands out among others of the same genre by offering many unique features.