Planetside 2

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Planetside 2 is a great merger of persistent world and a first person shooter. Great battles are constantly raging on 3 huge continents, that each holds up to 2000 players. The game doesn’t have any tutorial whatsoever, but after the first shock, anyone who’s familiar with Battlefield games will feel right at home. Although the first couple of hours might be hectic and disorienting but after learning the menus and other essentials, it becomes clear that the game has a similar class based, capture the point gameplay as the Battlefield games, but it’s an MMOG and it has some great new features.

When first creating a profile, you can quickly jump into the game after choosing your faction, gender and one out of four appearances. Whether you choose to join the rebellious New Conglomerate, authoritarian Terran Republic  or the techno-fetishist Vanu Sovereignty is entirely up to you. When first joining a server, the game provides a chart that shows the percentage of each faction. Although many players find the lack of character customization a bad thing, others say that it saves a lot of time when you don’t have to create the perfect face that you’re only going to see once or twice throughout the entire game.

One of the great things about this game is the constant action. Even while at a low level, everyone can feel like a  big part of the battle. Anyone can get their hands on a huge tank and a devastating fighter jet- if their faction has enough resources that is. Another great thing about this game is that it requires a good amount of teamwork. Although players can “solo” with some degree of success, the battle is almost always won by the team that’s more organized. Sometimes being organized means that you have to defend a critical resource, while at others it means that you have to use the “instant battle” feature, which spawns the player in a small capsule that’s speeding for the front lines of the battle.

However, if you want to truly enjoy the game, you need to have a good computer. Although the graphics is really beautiful at  high settings, few players can play the game like that. If you don’t have a good computer, the game might even be unplayable at low settings. Another thing that annoys many people is that some weapons don’t work quite as people are used to in other FPS games. The sniper for example- in addition to bullets not reaching the target instantly, the weapon doesn’t always 1-hit-kill the opponent.

Planetside 2 is a great combination of a persistent world of a typical MMOG and a FPS. Although the game has some shortcomings, they’re quickly forgotten when looking at all the good things this game provides. Among the chaos of the huge battles, everyone can find their own way of having fun whether by killing as many enemies as possible or perhaps by becoming a stunt pilot, flying through enemy territory. Everyone who likes to blow things up in a huge tank or just likes the Battlefield style games, should definitely try this game out!