Offensive Combat

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U4iA brings you the new browser-based MMOFPS Offensive Combat, which is filled with humor that may not appeal to all players. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who becomes enraged easily, because in OC not only may someone shoot you in the back but also do the Thriller dance over your corpse once they have.

You can make your character look like anything from a robot to a banana holding a big tuna that you can kill people with. Your character has four different skill trees, all of which you can “max” if you play long enough. The reason I use quotation marks is because you can actually only get half the skills in each skill tree. Every time you have enough skill points to allocate to a skill tree, you have to choose between two skills, e.g.:

In the “Arms” skill tree, you will have to decide between picking either “Nade Camo” or “Premature Detonation.” The first option makes grenades thrown by you harder to spot, and the second decreases the fuse of your grenade for the cost of 1 skill point.

Although you can buy items with either in-game currency or real money, I wouldn’t call this a pay-to-win game just yet; however, from the looks of it, that’s where it’s heading.