Marvel Heroes

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Marvel Heroes is a combination of Action RPG and heavily instanced MMO elements set in the Marvel universe. The game offers players the chance to dress up as one of their favorite Marvel Heroes and fight the infamous Marvel bad guys such as Green Goblin, Magneto and Sinister. The game offers a new and original storyline to cater for all the comics fans.


There are a total of 21 playable heroes in the game. Although the game is called free-to-play, only 5 of the 21 playable heroes are available as starting characters, you can still select choose to play with them, but that means you’ll have to purchase the wanted hero from cashshop first. The starter Heroes include Daredevil, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Storm and The Thing. Thankfully the starter characters are pretty different so most people can find a “class” they feel most comfortable in. Additional heroes can also be gained from drops. The droprate for heroes is very low though and if your favorite hero isn’t among the starting heroes, your chances of getting them from a drop are slim at best.

Even if you finally get the hero you wanted from a drop, there’s always the possibility that you’re fed up with the game. The game has one storyline and it can get quite annoying trying to grind more than one hero to a high level.


The core game mechanics are pretty much what you’d expect from an Action RPG. For the most part, the game takes place in instanced dungeons, however there are some side quests and areas that aren’t instanced. The game uses a familiar level up system. When players gain levels, they gain 2 new skill points that they can allocate into 1 of their 3 unique skill trees. Certain levels grant new abilities for the heroes.

The game has many shortcomings though. One of the main shortcomings is the repetitive combat. Although there are some fun parts like fighting the sentinels, the combat is mostly just mindless grinding on mobs that feel the same.

Another drawback is the character customization. Although gaining experience is fine, gaining abilities is fine, even the stats of the loot you gain is fine- the problem is that the equipment you gain from drops doesn’t change your characters appearance. That wouldn’t be such a huge problem in a singleplayer game but it becomes kind of annoying when 4 storms stand next to each other and you’re trying to figure out which one you are. If that bothers you too much, additional costumes for your hero can be bought in the cashshop.

Furthermore some players are bothered by the fact that the heros experience and level’s aren’t shared. That means: when you unlock a new character, you have to grind the entire way back up. With the same storyline and quests, that’s a major turnoff for most players.


Although the game offers PvP mode, it’s still heavily unbalanced. Currently the game offers a PvP mode where you are placed in one of 3 teams and you have to assault the enemy bases while defending your own. It’s very confusing, especially with the higher level players njust one-hitting everything in sight .

The game definitely has a lot of room to improve the whole PvP system.

Endgame Content

The game has a great story and pretty much every Marvel fanboy will agree. However the content gets sparse after players finish the main storyline. After the main storyline is complete, pretty much all that’s left for players to do is participate in 3 different kinds of daily missions that can be obtained from challenge terminals.

First there’s the green terminal. The green terminal offers missions that send you to the same old maps every day to re-kill familiar bosses.

Red terminal offers access to harder versions of the same missions. Red terminals include better loot, however, they require a cosmic key. Cosmic key can be obtained from green missions or from cashshop.

Finally there are the purple terminals. Purple terminals have 2 types of missions: group missions and survival missions. in Group mode you have to kill powerful enemies and bosses with a set number of lives. Although it’s fun to play with others and try to work as a team, it can get old fast.
The survival missions are much more fun though- Players are automatically placed in a group with 14 other players, with the goal of surviving waves of enemies. Players have to work together to kill mobs and reach checkpoints. It’s especially important to work together because if a teammate dies and isn’t resurrected within a certain amount of time, they’ll be removed from the challenge, which makes the final boss so much harder for the remaining players. Survival missions are the fastest way of getting experience after you’ve finished the main storyline.


All in all, the game has some great- as well as some awful gameplay. The game seems unpolished and one can’t help but wonder whether it was rushed to be released in order to make a quick buck. If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe you’ll still probably enjoy the game, despite its many shortcomings.