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In my opinion, everyone who is just getting into MapleStory has already missed the boat. This is because back in 2010, Nexon decided to change the maps, which meant that players could get everywhere faster, which in turn made the world feel too artificial. However, new players might still have some fun.

I started playing MapleStory in 2004, when the beta version was still available and there was almost nothing there, including no support and no updates. When I look at the game now, the content is so overwhelming that I start to miss the game that lacked content.

At the beginning, the game had four available character classes, but at some point they started adding new ones as regular content updates, gradually building up to a selection of ten classes in total. I consider the four oldest classes to be a mere shadow of the newer ones.

There are many features in the game, including crafting, pets, mounts, guilds, and unique quests, such as the jump quest. MapleStory also has something Nexon calls player-vs-player; however, it’s not enough to convince me to add the PvP flag to this page.

I’d say the game now centers on the Cash Shop. Since its launch in 2006, the Cash Shop has evolved from dealing in accessories such as gangster clothes and pets to selling must-buy lottery-boxes that players need in order to offer any competition to others. Consequently, the game that started the free-to-play MMORPG genre has turned into the most expensive MMORPG to play, considering all the additional expenses necessary for ensuring a fair game.

There aren’t many options to change the graphics settings, which is a shame, as I would love to remove all the flashy Cash Shop junk from the screen. Playing MapleStory is like visiting an anime streaming website with the usual profusion of pop-ups and advertisements, and it gets annoying really fast. On the bright side, the sounds are great and the music is enjoyable. You do have the option to adjust the volume or turn it off completely, though, if you so wish.

If you want to know how to make a lot of money as a game publisher, learn from Nexon. If you want to learn how to create an enjoyable experience for customers, never ask Nexon for advice.

Overall, I would suggest you check out MapleStory because of the unique gaming experience it offers as well as the important role it’s played in the MMO industry. Nonetheless, I still believe game publishers should find the balance between making a profit and maintaining an enjoyable gaming experience.