Dragon’s Prophet

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Dragon’s Prophet is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that takes place in the mystical world of Auratia. At the creation of Auratia, numerous powerful elemental forces collided and combined violently, finally converging to give birth to the mightiest beings. Out of utter chaos, the Dragons were born. Dissatisfied with this barren and desolate world they had emerged into, the mighty beings decided to employ the great powers that each of them wielded to shape this world to their liking. In Dragon’s Prophet, players are able to tame and ride over 300 different types of dragons, each dragon has it’s own unique skills and abilities. Among other features, Dragon’s Prophet has action based combat system, an advanced housing system and given enough time, players can even create their own functioning kingdoms.


The game offers nice graphics and a beautiful game-world. Although the overall graphics is nice, to me the game seems to be missing some animation frames, making the combat seem and feel a bit weird.


Currently the game offers 4 playable classes in the game. The classes are Guardian, Ranger, Oracle and Sorcerer. When categorizing classes with the common MMORPG tasks, then Guardian is best described as the heavy fighter or the tank. Ranger and Sorcerer are the “ranged” DPS classes in the game and the Oracle  is like a Cleric or a Priest in most MMORPGs.

Unique Features

If you asked players what they knew about Dragon’s Prophet, most people would instantly tell you about the ability to tame and ride your own dragons. Taming dragon’s is like a mini-game where you have have to control a small red icon and keep it within a certain area with your WASD keys, while in the background your character is riding the dragon like it’s a ferocious bull trying to kick you off it’s back. With more than 300 different dragons each with it’s own unique skills and abilities, this is definitely one of the most unique features in the game.

Another one-of-a-kind feature in the game is the housing system. Players can build their own structures. Furthermore, players can team up with friends or even guild to form a village or even a kingdom. In addition to building a village, guild leaders can create a powerful military and theoretically even build up a fully functioning empire. In Dragon’s Prophet, players can customize their house from both the outside as well as the furniture inside.


Dragon’s Prophet boasts with having an action-based combat system. After having seen great action based combat in games like Dragon Nest and C9, it’s very hard for me to call the combat in Dragon’s Prophet anything more than Tab targeting without the tab. Dragon’s Prophet uses a unique auto-target and combo system that enables players to attack, block, evade and utilize skill combos in ways impossible in most other MMORPG’s. Even though it’s hard to miss your opponents, the combat system still resembles action-based combat more than regular tab-targetin combat.


Although the game isn’t fully polished yet, all the basics needed for an epic game seem to be there, overall I’d say Dragon’s Prophet is a great game that everyone can enjoy. The game offers many unique features, including action-based combat, taming your own dragons and extensive housing system for those who like to decorate. Let’s just hope that these features keep improving so the game can live up to its full potential!