Dragon Nest

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With the recent launch of Dragon Nest Europe, there are nearly 10 different regions with their own version of Dragon Nest, including North America and Southeast Asia. Its worldwide distribution is not an indicator of luck, but rather of quality, as the game is one of the highest-rated action MMORPG’s currently available.

Action MMORPG’s require a lot more out of your internet and are usually instanced to reduce the limitations of features. Distance from server is the most important factor and I should warn you that lag can be a serious mood killer in games like this.

With all the tab targeting MMO’s on the market, the skill-based battle full of combos is fun to play for a change. If there is something in front of you when you attack you will most likely hit it and I believe this is the future of online role playing games.
The movement doesn’t feel choppy and the game reacts to your key presses instantly. There are many fun skills you can use to build deadly combos, giant angry bosses you can beat up and don’t forget about the competitive arena based player versus player combat.

Usually games like this lack a good story, but I wouldn’t say this about the story in Dragon Nest which is rather interesting and easy to follow.
There are many different dungeons which you can try with the difficulty of your choice. The items dropped by monsters depend on the difficulty you have picked prior to entering the dungeon.
DN has lots of quests to complete and unless you want to complete the same dungeon many,many times I suggest you accept all available quests before entering a dungeon.

I like the cartoony style, even though the graphics are clearly outdated. Unfortunately there are almost no options to change the graphics settings. Character animations on the other hand are done very well and you can tell the developers had most of their attention on game-play.