Dota 2

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Dota 2 by Valve

Dota 2 by Valve

What can be said about the marvelous sequel to the famous MOBA “Defiance of the Ancients”? It’s certainly popular I’ll give it that. Released on July 9th, 2013 by developer and publisher Valve Corporation, Dota 2 was an instant hit. I may have just discovered why many people downloaded this game. Having used 100% of my concentration throughout the matches I’ve played I realized why this game is such a success. I never imagined myself reviewing a MOBA before but after wiping my tears away from the abuse of some very toxic community members I knew I had to write about this.


Like League of Legends or most other MOBAs, Dota 2 follows the traditional scrolling camera viewpoint. Dota 2’s setup begins with 10 players, 5 known as “The Radiant” and the other 5 known as “The Dire”. Players choose from a pool of 110 playable characters (112 players in total) called heroes, each hero having his or her own ability. All heroes are free of charge and can be adjusted with items you can buy from the store or your winning spoils. When I used to play League of Legends, I disliked buying champions because I would have to adjust to the new playable characters. However, Dota 2 let’s you play as any hero you want. The heroes are split between “strength”, “agility”, and “intelligence” to fit your play style (intelligence having the most heroes and agility having the fewest). When the match is about to begin each team starts on the opposite sides of a map and the main objective of the game is to fight against enemy players and creeps (minions), demolish enemy towers, and ultimately destroy the last building of the opposing team (known as the throne) located in the deepest part of the the enemy base, by traveling through the lanes (top, middle, and bottom). You can explore deeper into the jungle and defeat neutral monsters to gain more gold and experience to prepare you for the tougher fights (this is also known as jungling). After you saved a bit of gold you can begin to buy items that will improve your stats or abilities or you can combine items for a larger result. After gaining experience you will have the choice to level up one of your four abilities for a more powerful effect on your enemies. It’s more than just simply clicking and scrolling your mouse, you have to be paying attention to your enemies, where they are going, and where they should be going. With one hero and a lane of your choice, only towers, creeps, and no cooperation can stop you and your team from taking the victory.


  1. Die as little as possible during your match (enemy heroes may gain multiple levels more than you, giving you and your team a disadvantage).
  2. Gain experience by jungling and level up your abilities before taking the bulk of the horde.
  3. Buy a lot of items (health potions, mana potions, stat boosters, etc).
  4. Aim for enemy heroes as they give you more loot, experience, and bragging rights.
Dota 2 Gameplay

Dota 2 Gameplay


I’ve been playing Dota 2 for a while now and the more I played the more awful the players were. Always blaming teammates for their mistakes but, the further I played with these people the more I became like them. There are two types of players in Dota 2: “The Hardcore” and “The Casual”. If you are a casual player, I would NOT play this game. Filled with a lot of toxic gamers, Dota 2 will most likely give you a basic idea of what most MOBAs are like. I love playing Dota 2 mainly because of these unsavoury players! It’s a shock I know but with them around I feel like I have something to prove. However, Dota 2 introduced coaches not too long ago and it was a function I felt was needed due to the harassment between players. It makes things a lot easier for the newcomers. Naturally, casual players just want to play the game as it is but when eSports became a popular event, players decided to take their game to the next level. The Dota 2 community just isn’t for the regular gamer.

Dota 2 Join the Community

Dota 2 Join the Community


Like everything in this world, Dota 2 will always continue to improve from it’s current state. It will evolve and mold into a much greater game, friendly to all types of players. For now however, it is what it is. What we have is a game that runs marvelously well even on it’s lowest quality settings. It does however have it’s fair share of problems such as bugs and glitches,  but nothing that patches and updates can’t fix. In my personal experience, all of Valve’s games are incredible, but become greater over time. Patches are released often with incredible updates to enhance the player experience. The best thing about Dota is the fact that it may never become a finished game.


Dota 2 is a fun and engaging real time strategy MOBA with a lot of toxic players and hardcore competitors. If you can handle the rages and MLG players all around you, then I would definitely invest the millions of hours you need to master this game. Valve did an outstanding job (as always) updating the game from where it originally started. Still targeting the more hardcore strategists, Dota 2 will become friendlier to casual players later in time. The release of having a coach during a game is just the beginning of change. Being the most played game on Steam, it definitely has an impact on video games, specifically MOBAs. If you don’t believe me, ask the 700,000 people who’ve played it today.

Overall Dota 2 is a fun to play MOBA with a variety of features. Definitely still needs time to become complete and friendly to newcomers. You can expect a more developed game in about a year or two as more updates come out.