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Aion is a Free-to-play 3d fantasy themed MMORPG, published by NCSoft. Players can choose to join the world as  Asmodians or Elyos to battle for the control of Atreia. Players start off as weak, but promising heroes, while growing in experience, the players character gains devastating powers and at level 10, the hero has the opportunity to earn a pair of wings that enable them to fly through the gorgeous environment and decide the faith of Atreia. The opposing faction is not your only enemy though, there’s a much darker and deadlier evil you have to defeat.

The game offers a good amount of character customization regarding the visual appearance. The gameplay is pretty much quest-driven. However that doesn’t mean you don’t have to kill massive amounts of weak monsters. Most of the quests involve killing X amount of monsters or sending messages to other NPC’s. Although you have to kill a lot of monsters, the gameplay still isn’t as boring as it is in many other MMOs. The main reason for that would  probably be the beautiful graphics and the gorgeous, yet terrifying beasts that you have to.. take care of. Although the graphics is great and the scenery is nice, the game lacks the auto-walk feature. Also the camera control is a bit weird and jumping in the game just doesn’t feel right.

One of the main features that make Aion unique in the MMO world would probably be the ground to air combos. In the middle of the fight, if ground combat isn’t working, players can make the decision of taking flight and continuing the battle in mid-air. This unique feature will be available as soon as players reach level 10 and earn their wings. As the player levels up, they can extend their flight time by purchasing wing boosts. Although, flying and aerial combat is a great feature, it is only allowed in certain zones. The downside of combat for many players would be that there’s hardly any PvP before level 25, excluding the suicidal maniacs who travel into enemy territory. Players can see the real PvP, when they reach level 25 and unlock Abyss.

Abyss brings out all the main features that are unique in Aion. Traveling around in Abyss can be very dangerous and the moving from one place to another normally requires flight. The combat in Abyss is pretty much like anywhere else in Atreia, however, because you can fly, you may often find yourself in combat while you’re flying. Be warned- many skills don’t work while in flight. Like in anyhwere else, when you defeat an opposite faction player, you will gain Abyss points, which increase your abyss rank.  Abyss holds many fortresses and artifacts that are footholds in the zone. When they’re under control of the players faction, the friendly faction will have access to many supplies in the zone that other factions players don’t have.

All-in-all, Aion is a great game that has a lot to offer to veteran players and new players alike. Although the basics of quests resemble many other MMORPG’s, the gameplay is great and there are many unique features that make Aion a game that everyone should try.