World of Darkness is Still a Thing!

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CCP, the company behind EVE Online and Dust, has announced that the MMO-fication of the World of Darkness IP is still very much a thing. The CEO of the company told Eurogamer that a “tiny” glimpse of the vampire-horror-themed sandbox will be shown at this April’s EVE Online Fanfest.

Supposedly this game is so good that the playtesters are having a hard time focusing on just testing the game. “We’re playing it internally at CCP. It’s actually a problem that some of our employees are losing themselves already in the World of Darkness as we go through the playtests,” Petursson said.

Here’s the official trailer for the game:

It will be interesting to see how the development of WoD affects other CCP games. Will it be taking any resources away from  Dust or EVE development? All that’s left to do is hope that the game receives as much care and attention as it needs to be truly epic.