Wizardry Online Might be Making a Comeback

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Many of us were saddened to hear it when Sony Online Entertainment decided to shut¬†down Wizardry Online back in July, 2014. However, Subagames has recently revealed that they’re interested in Reviving the game.

Wizardry Online is an MMORPG that was originally published in the West by Sony Online Entertainment. The game included many exciting, hardcore features, including Open World PvP and Permadeath.

After the game was shut down, there were many players trying to revive the game. Although this is usually where the story ends, it isn’t the case this time. Subagames has revealed that they’ve heard the cries from the community and they’re looking into making the revival happen.

Afternoon everyone, it’s always great to see people passionate enough to pool together and try to have their voices heard. In this case i want to let you know you all have been heard and Suba is interested in reviving this game. They have actually made contact with the developer but have yet to conclude an outcome with them yet.

You can find the original announcement here.