Wildstar Launches This June

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Carbine officially announced this morning that their new MMORPG, Wildstar, will be launching on June 3, 2014.

You can officially pre-order the game on March 19th and with your pre-order you reserve several in-game bonuses. By pre-ordering the standard edition of Wildstar you get access to early access to game on May 31st, a rocket house, a mini ship housing decoration with bonus experience, a 10 slot bag, as well as he ability to reserve your character name and guild name.

There are two versions of the game for pre-order, the standard edition of the game, and the digital deluxe edition. The standard edition comes with all the pre-order bonuses as well as 30 days of play time, three 7 day passes to give to your friends so they can try the game out, and an Eldan housing decor item. The digital deluxe edition is $15 more, comes with everything mentioned above as well as an Eldan hoverboard, an Eldan costume, an Eldan player title, and the limited edition Eldan dye set.

To pre-order the game you can had to Wildstar’s official website.

Along with the news that the game is available to pre-order Carbine also announced that they are lifting the NDA on the rest of the beta so that people still playing in it can start sharing through word of mouth, screenshots, video, and even livestream the game if they want. This is awesome news for the game as it will allow Carbine to spread the word about the new MMO and will hopefully net them a good number of pre-orders.