Wildstar Class Announcement: Engineer and Medic

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I always get excited about new Wildstar news. Every single video I’ve ever seen of Wildstar is loaded with clever humor and fantastic voice acting. If you haven’t browsed a few of the videos for Wildstar, you’re definitely missing out. Not only are they just plain awesome in their own right, but they will get you very excited for the game’s upcoming release. Earlier today, Carbine Studios and NCSoft unveiled a new video featuring a marauder drowning his sorrows and nursing a great deal of wounds at a bar. In classic Wildstar style, the video features hilarious characterizations and great animation. The video features the marauder having close encounters with every different class, including a warrior, a spellflinger, and a stalker. After a clever review of all the previously mentioned classes, the marauder runs into the newest classes: Engineer and Medic.


The medic looks like a futuristic Terminator machine with a Punisher symbol on his chest. Despite being a Medic, he proves that he can dish out some serious damage with its resonators which can “shatter your bones and boil your innards.” The grand finale features the injured marauder laughing about the Engineers, wondering why he should be afraid of them. Of course, this is immediately followed by a hardass woman with a large gun and four killer robots staring the poor marauder down. Honestly though, a description just doesn’t do the video justice. It’s too clever and too funny not to watch, so do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t regret it. And while you’re at it, head over to the Wildstar official website and watch some of the other videos. You can also sign up for the beta while you’re there and maybe get to check out some of the upcoming game’s features. Real talk: they have hoverboards. Enough said.