Warhammer Online Shutting Down

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Many of you probably remember the big hype that came with the launch of Warhammer Online back in 2008, now unfortunately, the time has come for the game to shut down. Earlier this week, Games Workshop and Mythic Entertainment announced that their well-known PVP Centered MMORPG will be ceasing all services on December 18th.

The game’s closing created many hurt feelings, also among the ones hurt was the forum’s lead moderator who had the following to say:

I wanted to say some hurtful things about WAR’s management right here. The fact is, though, they’ve never so much as laid a finger on the forums and certainly have only lied to me. Hey, they lied to all of us. My only request is that they not be set in an undeserved positive light by the gaming media over the coming days.

I’ll see you all in-game over the final few months, I just wanted to make a point of what happens when you cross your lead moderator with no backup plans.

To read the full Warhammer Online notice of shutdown, visit the official site here.