War Thunder Update 1.43 Notes

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Gaijin Entertainment has recently released a new update for their critically acclaimed MMO War Thunder. Update 1.43 brings many new features, including Racing Mode, Vehicle Presets and much more.

Among the most important changes are:

  • New air vehicles including the fabulous Ho 229 V-3, several other jet fighters and bombers, piston-engined fighters like the F7F Tigercat and the J7W1
  • New ground vehicles: the T-35 multi-turreted tank, multiple AA vehicles and more
  • New locations and maps: Mozdok, Norway, Poland and Tropical Island
  • Arcade ground battles rework
  • New hangar design
  • New environment and weapon sounds
  • Vehicle presets
  • Racing mode
  • New achievements and rewards
  • Possibility to view detailed armouring model and inner modules locations for the ground forces in hangar

You can view the full list of changes here.