Wakfu is Going Free To Play

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Prepare your armors, sharp your swords and prepare to say goodbye to WAKFU’s subscriptions! Yesterday the Wakfu Team revealed that the game is going free to play on July 24.

The new WAKFU will be available with a new subscription-free game model and players will have full access to the game areas! The team also emphasized that there will be nothing taken away because of the new marketing plan.

The team implied that taking away features from Wakfu would be just cruel, some things are just too awesome to be removed! The game features Epic combats, economy and ecosystem management, threatening dungeons. players can even start their own shops, conquer zones with their comrades and even be a legendary and well known warrior throughout the Wakfu world!

In the same announcement the team also revealed that there is a new PVP system being developed. The game will have an open beta prior to the launch. The open beta will start on July 9.

To find out more about the game, visit the official site here.