Wakfu Introducing Mounts to The Game

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With the recent transition from Pay to Play to Free to Play, WAKFU has quickly grown in population. To accompany the F2P transition, Ankama also introduced customizable mounts.


Right now there are two type s of mounts in the game, the Trained Dragonturkeys and the Drago-Steeds. You can acquire your very own Dragonturkey in by completing a quest. In addition to the mounts looking cool, they also offer bonuses to stats and movement speeds.

  • Trained Dragoturkey of Precision: +40% single target damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Range: +40% range damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Destruction: +40% AoE damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Melee: +40% melee damage / +25% movement speed

To keep the game from becoming Pay to Win, the Drago-Steeds offer +50% movement speed but don’t give an increased amount of damage bonuses compared to the Dragonturkeys. Drago-Steeds can be bought in the game store for 5800 OG.

Like the player pets, mounts are customizable. There are several costumes called “Harnesses” that can be changed whenever you want.

Before you get to try out your new mount though, you have to get your Petsmount Permit. Everyone can get a permit by completing a level 35 quest in Astrub.

To find out more about the Petsmounts and the game, visit the official game site here.