Trove Unveils The Candy Barbarian

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trove candy barbarian

Trion Worlds have announced a new class for the highly addictive voxel based MMORPG Trove. The brand-new class is called The Candy Barbarian.

In Candoria, a hardy and nomadic folk live a simple and joyful life. Some members of the tribe, who are driven by a call to adventure have been wandering the lands of Trove, looking for different challenges to overcome. These warriors are known as the Candy Barbarians.

The new class is available for 1050 Credits or 5000 Cubits (earned by playing Trove), or can be simply obtained by purchasing a Voxstar Starter Pack. Candy Barbarian is a powerful melee warrior, who wield twin weapons in order to punish their foes.

To find out more about Trove and the Candy Barbarian, visit the official game site here.