The Hearthstone Winter Veil Begins

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The Hearthstone Winter Veil has begun and will be taking place until December 31st.

During that time, players will be able to participate in the Winter Veil tavern brawls. Everyone who completes the quest to play 100 cards during the event will receive 4 Boomsday Project card packs.

During the event, players can participate in the Returns & Exchanges event. Choose a hero, build a 20 minions deck and the rest will be automatically filled with random spells from your class. Once the game starts, each player will choose the cards for their opening hand and then “gift” their deck to the opponent.¬†There’s a catch though. Both players start with only 20 health and each “gift” dect comes with a 5 mana Gift Receipt card! When the Receipt is played, it refreshes the player’s mana crystals and swaps the decks back, destroying the opponent’s Receipt card.

Everyone who wins a Returns & Exchanges match will get a Winter Veil Treat card back.

You can find out more about what is planned for the During the Winter Veil event on the game’s official website.