Tera Rising New Dungeons

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En Masse Entertainment has announced that they will be adding 4 new dungeons with dynamic game-modes, crazy bosses and elite gear to their critically acclaimed Tera Rising. The new dungeons are scheduled to launch on September 10, 2013.

New Dungeons include:

  • Wonderholme – a 10 player co-op adventure. Wonderholme is riddled with deadly bosses and environmental hazards. Players have to co-operate to defeat the Bandersnatch, rescue the researcher, and reap the rewards. Players can also try the dungeon in hard mode to earn even better loot! The dungeon offers new enemies, new bosses and unique game mechanics.
  • Channelworks – a 3 player sewer mission. Players have to battle through fiendish traps and bosses in order to face Kerkion and uncover the hidden treasure of the Channelworks.
  • Kezzel’s Gorge – a 7-player tower defense. Kezzel the giant lumbers through a narrow gorge, crushing everything in his path. Players have to make strategic use of cannons and environmental traps in order stop him from following the caravan up the gorge, into their fortress.
  • Shattered Fleet – a  5-player BAM beatdown. Players have to fight BAM’s on series of wrecked ships. Players have to defeat Barbosa and his crew in order to recover the cargo, and claim rare drops and Zenith treasure chests.

You can find out more about the game and the upcoming dungeons on the official page here.