TERA Free-to-Play Business Model

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Tera going free to play

As of today, TERA will be available to players in three different access levels: Standard, Elite and Founder.

Standard is the new free-to-play membership level for everyone who don’t like spending money on games. The membership comes with 2 character slots per server (Additional character slots may be purchased, up to 8 character slots max)

Elite members get exactly what subscribers currently get. Elite membership costs $14.99 per month and it includes Shortened Cooldown dungeons, Double Daily Entries, 2 Valkyon’s Response, Daily bonuses like: XP, Gold and Reputation boosts and much more.

Founder level, which can be obtained by buying the game, comes with 8 character slots, Exclusive Terminus Mount, 288 Bank Inventory Slots and the exclusive “Founder” title.