Tera EU Opening Classic Server Soon

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Gameforge has announced that they’ll be temporarily opening a new, “Classic Server” for their critically acclaimed MMORPG TERA. The new server will launch on February 12, 2019.

The classic server will be bringing back many forgotten treasures from the past. Among those treasures, players will be able to play long closed raids and instances.

The Classic Server will be based on the patch from July 2014. Gameforge will be making various changes, adding some content that was removed in that version to offer the most of what a Classic Server can be. Players on the classic server willh ave 2 character slots by default. Everyone who needs more, will be able to buy them from the TERA Shop.

The classic server will launch the 8 original classes plus the first addition: Lancer, Warrior, Berserker, Slayer, Archer, Sorcerer, Priest, Mystic and Reaper.

Gameforge will make some additional changes to the classic server including:

  • Increased experience points while leveling
  • Increased item drops in dungeons
  • Faster gathering and crafting values
  • Higher daily quest amounts and starting grade for factions
  • Increased enchantment settings, strongly boosted masterworking values and improved Alkahest drop rates
  • Revamped battleground reward structure
  • And much more

Every player that reaches level 60 on the Classic Server with one of their characters will get a free Character Transfer added to their account automatically. This allows you to transfer one character to a regular server of your choosing at the end of the Classic Server period. Players will be able to keep all of the items that they get from the Classic Server.

Right now it isn’t clear when the server will be closed, but the current intentions are to make the change around the end of March or the beginning of April.