Strife Holding a Play Test Weekend

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S2 Games has revealed that they’re planning to hold a special Play Test Weekend for the upcoming MOBAStrife, from February 28 to March 2. Players who want to participate in the Play Test Weekend have to sign up between February 20 and February 24 on the trial page.

Strife is the “second generation” MOBA from S2 Games, the creators of Heroes of Newerth. The development team has put a lot of effort into eliminating many frustrating elements that are common in the MOBA genre. One of the main changes S2 Games tried to implement was making the game easier to get into, while keeping a high skill ceiling for the experienced players to enjoy.

Another frustrating element the development team is attempting to fix is the toxic environment. Today’s MOBAs are notorious for their toxic environment. Pu Liu, The Director of Monetization for S2 Games thinks they’ve cracked the reasons:

 The competition for resources between teammates and enemies alike really creates a tense atmosphere. If a teammate does something you don’t expect, you tend to react very negatively. Most genre stakeholders acknowledge the toxicity issue, and are trying to address it retroactively–by punishing bad behavior.

Strife developers are hoping that they’ve successfully avoided the problem by designing the game in a way that creates less competition between teammates. The game will also be employing a new Karma System. The system is really quite simple. After a match is finished, players will be able to rate others- positively, negatively, or indifferent. Players with a higher karma score will be able to receive better items, while players with a low score receive worthless items like coal.

To find out more about the upcoming game, visit the official game site.