Strife Has Entered Open Beta

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Last week during the PAX Prime, S2 Games announced that their highly anticipated MOBA Strife is finally ready to enter the open beta stage of development. S2 Games is best known for creating Heroes of Newerth.

Unlike in the closed beta, everyone can now play the game for free without needing to register a special key first. S2 Games also introduced a variety of new features for the open beta. New features include a couple of new heroes, crafting rework, account progression, enhanched UI, enhanced graphics and much more.

Players who participated in the closed beta also got a couple of thank you gifts. Gifts include a special icon (based on the amount of wins on their account) as well as a special quest to earn 100 Gems after playing 3 games.

Open beta players can expect similar rewards when the game officially launches.

To find out more about the game, visit the official site here.