Steam 2018 Summer Sale Begins

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Good news everyone! The highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale has finally begun.

steam summer sale

This year, the summer sale will take place from June 21st to July 5th. As usual, the summer sale comes with great deals, tradable cards and a minigame.

This year, the minigame is called Saliens. Saliens pits players against the evil Duldrumz that seek to abduct all the games of the world and banish them to far away planets where humanity would never find them again. Fortunately, the cosmos is also home to friendly aliens, the Saliens who are committed to seeking out Duldrumz and disrupting their evil plans of mass-boredom.

Players get to design their own Salien and customize them further with wearable items. After you’re happy with the appearance, you’ll get to choose a planet to defend. Each planet offers players a chance to win a game as a reward for protecting it. On the planet you’ll be able to select a sector to defend. The more time you spend on a planet, the higher the chances of winning a reward from the given planet. Your Salien will get more powerful as you battle, unlocking different abilities. Abilities include: Freeze, Space Bomb, Black Hole and Meteor.

You can find out more about the steam sale and the minigame on