StarCraft Universe Seeking Kickstarter Help

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After being in development for over 2 years, the moment has finally come where the developers of StarCraft Unvierse feel that they can’t proceed without the help of others. So Upheaval Arts started a kickstarter campaign to collect the resources required for the project to launch successfully.

Starcraft Universe is a game mode for Starcraft II. Blizzard has always boasted with the great development tools available for  Starcraft II. In the past many players have demonstrated what the engine is capable of, but none more so than Ryan Winzen. Ryan Winzen is the creative mind behind Starcraft Universe and the founder of Upheaval Arts.

The game features detailed character progression, a great storyline, intense combat and much more. For more information about the game, and a chance to pledge your support, visit the official kickstarter page here.