Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat Confirmed

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During a PAX Prime Community Cantina Event held last month, the Star Wars: The Old Republic crew released a teaser trailer that led many to believe that they were finally going to release PvP space combat that the fans have eagerly been waiting for. Turns out they were right- earlier this week, Bioware released an official announcement revealing details about the upcoming PvP Space combat update.

Players will finally have the chance to engage in thrilling dogfights that are so characteristic to the Star Wars franchise. Pilots can engage in up to 12 vs 12 battles.

The new content will be released in 3 steps. On  December 3, 2013 an Early Access will be available for the subscribers, on January 14, 2014 the Preferred Players (players who have been subscribers at some point or have purchased anything from the online store) will receive early access and finally on February 4, 2014 everyone else will gain access to the new update.

To find out more about the update, visit the official announcement here.