Star Wars: The Old Republic Introduction to Galactic Strongholds

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Although the Galactic Strongholds expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was first announced in March, the early access for it was recently delayed until August. Bioware recently released a Developer Update in which they introduce the Galactic Strongholds.

For those who don’t know yet, Galactic Strongholds will introduce player housing to the game. Players can gain access to Strongholds when they reach level 15 by encountering a holo-projected advertisement on the Fleet (or the capital worlds). The advertisement will begin to a introductory mission which leads you to a Stronghold Directory, which is a terminal that allows you to view other players’ strongholds or purchase your own. Strongholds can be bought with credits or Cartel Coins. Stronghold will be unlocked for your entire Legacy, meaning that once you purchase an Apartment, all of your Republic characters will have access to it.

Players receive starter decorations after finishing the “introductory mission”. The starter decorations include a few simple chairs, tables, and a pair of Republic or Imperial Guards. Many more decorations will be available from in-game vendors, Reputation Rewards, PvP, Crew Skills, Cartel Market and more.

To read the full Developer Update: Introduction to Galactic Strongholds, visit the official announcement here.