Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-Play Option Released!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Remember, remember the 15th of November, which happens to be today, when EA Games—the publisher of Star Wars: The Old Republic—launches the new free-to-play option for the fantastic Star Wars MMORPG developed by BioWare.

SWTOR started off as the fastest-growing MMORPG in history by reaching over 2 million copies sold within a month of its release. However, its success has been waning rather quickly, mainly as a result of players either getting bored after reaching the maximum level in the game, or being unable to play at all due to all the performance issues resulting from the use of HeroEngine.

Almost a year after the great launch, the number of SWTOR subscribers has dropped to less than 500,000, which has made the companies behind the game look for alternatives to the old subscription model of which many players are now weary. According to EA’s statistics, 40% of people who discontinued playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and offered an explanation as to why, reasoned it was “because of the subscription.”

Many players believe BioWare should have focused on developing new content to keep players interested instead of working on the free-to-play option, but I believe the developers have made the smarter move. The development of new content is too time-consuming to be a viable option—even if the current players were kept entertained for another five months, the MMORPG would slowly die without any new players joining the game.

I support getting the new free-to-play option of the game released now to help expand the community, and have the developers focus on content updates later.

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