Star Trek Online Honors Leonard Nimoy

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Last Friday every Star Trek fan was mortified to hear the news of the legendary actor Leonard Nimoy passing away. Star Trek Online will be implementing a memorial to honor the great Mr. Spock.

Shortly after Leonard Nimoy’s death was announced, Perfect World Entertainment also made an announcement saying that they will be implementing an in-game memorial to Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy with the March 5th patch.

Perfect World Entertainment had this to say about the man:

As an actor, Mr. Nimoy helped define Trek from its first days. Spock was simultaneously an outsider and a member of the inner circle, an alien and the most human of all. As a writer and director, he shaped some of the Enterprise’s most memorable adventures. Outside of Star Trek, he was a teacher, a poet, an artist and a father.

Our hearts go out to everyone who had the chance to know this great man.