Solstice Arena: a New MOBA For Mobile

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Zynga has recently announced a new mobile game they’ve been working on. The game is called Solstice Arena and it’s a MOBA designed for mobile devices. The team working on the game is aiming to make an awesome game with great graphics while also trying to keep it a high fidelity-game with well-balanced characters.

Among other features, the new game is going to offer:

Combat Variety – Players will be able to participate in 3 different game modes: Solo vs. AI, Co-op vs. AI and Player vs. Player.

Fast matches – On average, each match lasts 10 minutes or less. That allows players to enjoy a quick MOBA match whenever they want.

Hero Progression – Heroes evolve with levels. While gaining levels, heroes also gain attributes that grant new combat mechanics, giving an ever-evolving spin on gameplay and strategy.

Market and Customization – The game is going to be free to play and fair to play. Players will have to earn their upgrades the old fashioned way, but they’re still given the opportunity to make their hero stand out with cash shop skins and armors.

You can find out more and sign up for their newsletter on the game’s official site here.