Smite Launches Oceanic Servers

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No, Oceanic Server is not some kind of weird new god, included in Smite‘s latest patch. Hi-Rez Studios has announced that they’ve launched Oceanic Servers so that Australian and New Zealand regions can have a smoother game experience.

In the past, players from the Oceanic Region had to suffer high ping while trying to play the game. Now, Australian and New Zealand players will be able to enjoy the game without lag thanks to the freshly launched servers. However, players can still choose to connect to the US or EU servers to play with friends they’ve made throughout their game journey.

Character transfer should be automatic, meaning everyone who owns an account should already find their characters waiting for them on the new server.

If you’ve had lag issues in the past, there’s a good chance they’re fixed now. To find out more about Smite and perhaps give it a try, visit the official game site here.