Rift Launches New Update

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Trion Worlds has launched a new major update for their critically acclaimed Rift. The 2.8 Patch: Madness Wakes is a prelude to the upcoming Rift 3.0 Expansion, Nightmare Tide, set in the Plane of Water.

The new update brings many changes that include a new dungeon, revamped auction house,  Madness Wakes story quests and much more.

The Nightmare Coast is a new 5 man dungeon for players at level 60 that offers powerful new items, quests, challenging new encounters and the answers to the mystery of the Sinister Presence.

The auction house improvements include:

  • Improved searching
  • Recommended prices
  • Buy individual items from a stack
  • Item previewing
  • Price history
  • Buy orders
  • Relist auctions through your mailbox
  • Search by stats
  • Replaced arbitrary durations of short, medium, and long with real times, such as 23h, 51m

You can find out all about the auction house improvements here and you can find the full patch notes here.