Rift is Going Free To Play

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Trion Worlds has just announced that as of June 12, 2013, Rift, one of their best known MMORPG’s is going Free-to-Play. What’s even more, there won’t be any content- or level restrictions.

The game will be expanding its “Rift Store”, which is like a cash shop. They will vastly expand the in-game store, adding mounts, gear, boosts, companion pets, and more. Trion has also said that RIFT will not become “Pay-to-win” with this change. All of the best items will always have to be earned.

Subscription will still be available after the F2P model launches. Those that were, and still are subscribers will be rewarded with different kind of  rewards. Those rewards include Patron Summons, Extra Currency, Faster Mounts, Notoriety, Bonus Exp, etc.

You can find out more information in the RIFT F2P FAQ section here.