PUBG Corp Has Filed a Lawsuit Against Epic Games

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The Korean game developer PUBG Corp has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the US based Epic Games. They claim that Epic Games’s Fortnite was copied from their highly successful Battle Royale game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

The dispute actually started more than a year ago. When Fortnite was first released, it only had the “Save the World” co-op mode, which enabled players to build a base and fight the zombie apocalypse. Later, Fortnite also released a Battle Royale mode, which didn’t sit very well with the PUBG Corp. The Korean company also claims that¬†Fortnite has copied their UI and items.

It might not have been a big problem if it weren’t for the fact that Epic Games and Bluehole (the parent company of PUBG Corp) used to be partners.

The lawsuit comes just as Epic Games has secured a partnership with Neowiz to bring the game to the South Korean market.

It’s unclear how the lawsuit will affect the game, but we’ll make future posts as more details are revealed.