Prime World The Winter Revolution Starts Today

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Everyone get ready, Prime World is preparing for The Winter Revolution! To prepare Prime World’s heroes, Nival will be splitting over $38,000,000 worth of gold among all nobles – that’s 3000g ($100) per player.

The Winter Revolution will start with “Talent Disco” on January 27. The Talent Disco will feature:

  • Step 1: 3x Talent drops

    • 3x Rarity increase when crafting talents in the Castle as well!
  • Step 2: Enable Orange Talents

  • Step 3: Enable 5 star upgrades

  • Step 4: Give everyone the Ice Resistance Talent and enable Force of Mind talent drops for a limited time

Phase 2 of The Winter Revolution will be called “Red Storm” and it will start in Early February. In the second phase, servers will be merging for matchmaking and US/EU players get patch 9.13 (which includes new talent, skins, map, and clan bank).

Phase 3 of the Winter Revolution will be called “The Future Begins” and it will start in Mid February and it will culminate with the global launch of the game.

To find out more about the game, and The Winter Revolution visit the official announcement here.