Prime World Preparing To Launch Open Beta

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Nival has announced that Prime World will be entering open beta in a few months. They say it’s going to be an “around-the-clock” open beta, available every day of the week. Nival has also promised that they won’t be wiping any progress from previous beta tests.

As a bonus for those who can’t wait for the open beta launch, Nival is planning to host an “open beta test weekend” starting on June 22 and ending on June 24. Open beta test weekend means that players won’t need a beta key to join the game. During the OBT weekend, new modes will be available, some of which haven’t been revealed yet.

One of those new modes that players will get to experience is a brand-new cooperative PvE mode. This mode will be available for single-player or in a group of 3-5 players. The single-player is a traditional story-driven campaign experience that will take place over new missions that will be released periodically.

Nival also revealed that Prime World is coming to Steam. Players will be able to enter the game with their steam accounts. If you don’t use Steam, don’t worry, you won’t need to switch to Steam if you already have a Prime World account.

Another big announcement Nival made is that the castle-building section of Prime World is coming to iOS and Android. Players will be able to farm resources, forge talents and chat with friends and clanmates on the go.

To find out more you can read the official post here.