Prime World Beta Weekend #3

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Prime World is preparing to launch it’s 3rd Beta Weekend. The Beta Weekend starts on Saturday June 1st 7AM Est and ends on June 3rd 3AM EST.


During this Beta Weekend, players will be able to try out the new Dragonwald mode, as well as play the familiar Borderlands and Outpost Modes. Dragonwald is a 4v4 PvE/PvP map.

PvE/PvP means that teams will be fighting their way through the thick forests of Dragonwald, working their way towards the Dragon at the center. Once players have defeated the Dragon, they must escort its Egg to the opposing team’s base. Players will be facing new, stronger enemies, so unlike the weak “monsters” in the forests of the Borderlands, players will need to be on your game.

To read more about the Dragonwald mode, you can view the official post here.