Planetside 2 Gets a New Continent

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Sony Online Entertainment recently released a new update for Planetside 2. The update included a new continent Hossin.

The new continent was first planned to be released in April 2013, however it was postponed due to the release of the Lattice Link system. Hossin is a swamp covered continent and unlike other continents, Hossins sky ceiling has been brought down to only 800 meters, to emphasize focus around infantry combat. The bases are scattered and rugged, making most main battle tanks and even lightning tanks obsolete.

Apart from the new continent, the update also included:

  • Continent Locking – Continents can now be locked. The conquering empire automatically captures all remaining regions on the continent.
  • Outfit Recruiting –  Players can now join an outfit they like by going to the outfits button on the social tab.
  • Outfit Decals – Your outfit can now select a decal to represent yourselves.
  • Outfit Base Capture – When your outfit captures a base your outfit’s decal will be displayed on the faction banners at the base, on the scoreboard, and on the map.
  • Many Bug Fixes

You can find the latest patch notes here.