Overwatch New Hero Revealed

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After a week of teasing, Blizzard finally revealed the new hero coming to Overwatch.

Many people were speculating that the new hero has to be Winston’s co-test subject Hammond. Well, they were right, it is Hammond, but no one expected that he’s a hamster.

Most people assumed that Hammond was going to be a primate like Winston, but him being a hamster actually makes a lot of sense.

From previous descriptions of Hammond, we knew that he was the smallest of the test subjects. Also, in the Horizon Lunar Colony map we saw the specimen 8 room that contained many really small toys as well as escape plan details (small hamster ball attached to Winston’s escape pod). The map also featured some email snippets that mentioned some weird sounds coming from the vents.

Hammond comes shortly after the release of the social features and the Symmetra re-work.

We’ll give you more details on his skills and class once they are revealed.