Overwatch is Free to Play From November 20 – 26

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Blizzard has announced that they’re holding a Free to Play Week for Overwatch. The Free Week will start on November 20 and end on November 26th.

During the free period, you can try out the game on PC, Playstation 4 or on Xbox One.

As always, blizzard will be making the entirety of the game available, that means no locked maps or heroes to worry about. That includes the brand-new damage hero Ashe. Once the period is over and you decide to buy the game, you’ll be able to keep all of the progress you made during the week, even if you purchase the game a year from now.

During the trial, players will have the opportunity to unlock in-game rewards that are available for a limited time. Players who have linked Blizzard and Twitch accounts will be able to earn three Ashe-themed sprays if they watch 2 hours of Overwatch Streams (during November 20 – 26).

You can find the deployment schedule and more details about the event on the game’s official site.