Nosgoth Reveals Devil’s Night Halloween Event and New Class

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Earlier this week Square Enix made 2 important announcements regarding their highly addictive TPS horror game Nosgoth.

In the first announcement, the Nosgoth team revealed a new playable class – The Summoner. The Summoner uses necromancy to speak with the dead, manipulate souls, and of course, kick human ass.

The second announcement revealed the Devil’s Night Halloween event. Starting on October 27th, players will be able to get exclusive items and rewards (for one week only). All Mysterious Items that drop at the end of a match, will have a new Ghostly visual and audio effect to be unlocked, along with the stat modifiers you’d normally expect on these drops. Throughout the event, there will also be special “exotic items” available in the in-game store. The event will end on November 2nd.

To find out more about the Summoner or the Halloween Event, visit the game’s official site here.