Nexon Reveals Their Upcoming Online ARPG “Project BBQ”

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Earlier this week, Nexon¬†revealed their upcoming Online Action RPG “Project BBQ“.

The game was built by Neople, the company behind the popular Dungeon Fighter Online. From the trailer, you can see that the game will be a fairly typical dungeon fighter game, with action packed combat.

Typical to the genre, Project BBQ will have many BAMS (big-ass monsters) that you can dominate with flashy skills that’d make even the gods of war faint of heart. Since the game has been freshly announced, not much is known about it yet. The developers have revealed that the game will have instanced as well as open-world content and that they aim to launch the game with around 8 classes.

Unfortunately no launch date has been revealed yet. We’ll let you know once we learn more about the game.