Neverwinter Offers a Gift to The Survivors of The Currency Exploit

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If you played Neverwinter last weekend, you probably already know that the game was closed down for several hours because of an unscheduled maintenance. The maintenance was made necessary due to a bug in the auction house which enabled exploiters to gain billions of Astral Diamonds. After a few hours of chaos, the game was finally shut down and a 7 hour rollback was initiated. So if you played on May 19 between 5 AM PST and 12 PM PST, your progress is probably lost forever.

Neverwinter Auctionhouse

To make up for the rollback, the Neverwinter team decided to put together a package. All characters that have been created before 5AM Pacific on Sunday, May 19, 2013, will receive the Caturday Survivor’s Pack. The package includes Stone of Health, Cape of Catastrophe, Dwarven Facemask , 5x Teleport Scroll Protector’s Enclave and 2x Adventurer’s XP Booster.

The auction house remains closed down until a more permanent fix is found.